I've received a few DMs asking me for exercises to relieve stiff hips. Here it is. Exercise of the day Hip resistance band routine Top left. Quad stretch / hip extension Top right. Glut med / hip adduction Bottom left. Adductor stretch / Hip abduction Bottom right. Hamstrings stretch / Hip flexion Directions Place a resistance band over the foot. Extend the leg so that leg is straight. Use the resistance band to take your leg to the end of range in the four movements shown. Hold the stretch for 10 secs, ease off a little and then take into the stretch again. 3 x 10 secs for the four movements, on both legs. Do this everyday to relieve hip stiffness. There's an established link between hip muscle tightness and back pain in athletes and so it pays to work on your hip mobility. Reference: http://bit.ly/2mGLP7m Thanks to @dhanjal92 for hooking me up with the set of resistance bands. I've been using them everyday and they haven't snapped like the other brands I've used in the past. Check out his company @optimumtherapy

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