Exercise of the week DIY Neck Pain Relief I see a number of people each week with trapped nerves in their necks. This tends to come on due to poor neck posture, and can be trigger by sleeping position, or overhead exercises. This series of exercise is designed to 'untrap the nerve' through joint mobilisation. It's so effective that if you do it regularly it can save you from having to go and see a therapist. Repeat each exercise 10 times at a comfortable pace. Go to edge of pain. Repeat every 3 hours. 1. Neck rotation 10x 2. Neck flexion and extention 10x 3. Neck side bending 10x (ear to shoulder) 4. Neck semi circles 10x (let head hang and roll gently side to side) 5. Traction with neck circle 10x clockwise and anticlockwise (interlace your fingers behind your neck, bring your elbows together and move your neck in circles) 6. Massage kneading along the neck from the base of the neck to the base of the skull. I've made a video amd hyperlinked it in my profile, so that you can do it while you view it. References: http://bit.ly/2nfVtOh

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