Spring is here! Tip of the day Bag pain I see alot of people with pain in the shoulders, neck and back. The underlying cause is often due to carrying handbags, and rucksacks. The issue isn't about the type of bag we have but more so about the amount of stuff in it/weight and how long we have to carry it/duration. This strain causes knots in muscles which develops into shoulder, neck and back pain. Laptops, books and equipment in bags increase the risks even further. Tips 1. Go through your bag each morning and take out all of the things you don't need that day. 2. Plan your day/week so you can limit the amount of stuff you have to carry by leaving things at work etc. 3. Use cloud based applications where possible so you don't have to take a laptop 4. Don't take a bag if you can help it and put your card and phone in your pocket instead. 5. If you have to take a bag look for a trolley bag or one with straps which go around to the front so that the bag is an supportive as possible. The study referenced looked at back and neck pain in adolescents carrying school bags. They found those with heavier bags, those who carried them for over 30mins a day, and those who took an inactive form of transport, had the most neck and back pain. Reference: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0004951408700266

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